I need information about the Duo Pro electronic cigarette!?

Question by Melissa: I need information about the Duo Pro electronic cigarette!?
I just purchased this e-cig from a site. I rushed into it without doing as much research as I should’ve because I just had the urge to finally quit. I am very happy with this purchase regardless for obvious reasons, though I know I would’ve found a cheaper alternative if I kept looking. These products are wonderful, and I think anyone has a great shot at finally quitting if they give an e-cig a chance. However, I don’t feel like there is enough marketing for any one particular company, and the info provided is vague. So now that I have my Duo Pro starter kit containing a charger, two batteries, and six of the atomizers in menthol flavor (basically it is like having two e-cigs. Gave my mom one and she is quitting after 40 years), I am hoping for a cheaper atomizers. Basically, at a pack per atomizer filter, they are roughly $ 3 each! I had my mom smoking $ 2 cigars once the price of cigs skyrocketed. Of course, this is the safer alternative, but I want it to be cost effective also. I suppose my question is: Is anyone familiar with this brand of e-cig? Do you know of any generic atomizers that will fit this? I saw some online for $ 26 for a fifty pack! I am hoping to find a deal like that. If need be, I will purchase a different brand (preferably smaller – this is heavy and wide) battery and charger to get in on savings. Thanks :)

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I have been doing some research also. And I havent really gotten anywheres. I dont really think you have much of a chance of finding really good deals! But if you do, please contact me and let me know also.
Thanks and good luck!

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  1. dean says:

    Look at refiling your own cartridges. You will still have to buy empty cartridges, and buy or make the ejuice, but they can be reused and refilling is cheaper.

  2. Zoha Hunt says:

    Refueling your refillable butane cigar lighter is quite easy.
    Refill cans, are available, just about anywhere, from your local tobacco shop, to WalMart. Ronson and Colibri brands are among the best and most popular. Using a cheap brand of fuel can damage the inlet valve and, more commonly, clog the burner valve.