E Cig – Tradition Meets Technology

E Cig Brand Starter Kit

E Cig Brand Starter Kit

E Cig –when tradition meets technology. The E Cig is a special electronic cigarette product, which aims to change your traditional cigarette smoking experience. Traditional cigarettes contain a minimum percentage of nicotine, which cause havoc to your health, no matter whatever brand you use. While smoking these cigarettes you not only affect your health but pose a threat on the life of your friends and family as the smoke that comes out of the cigarettes is injurious to their health as well. Here steps in the idea of using electronic cigarette, which gives you the same pleasure, but not the side affects. If you care for you, your family and your surrounding you must try this friendly yet pleasuring cigarette.

E Cig Features

There are a few salient features of E Cig, which marks the difference between this product and any other product. As a technical smoking device the cigarette, make use of modern technologies to make cigarette smoking a pleasure.
• It is not at all difficult to carry the cigarette at distant place because the cigarette case is made of hard plastic, which makes it long lasting.
• The atomizer of this cigarette is different from other atomizers because it is made of stainless still.
• With every pack of the cigarette, you will be provided with rechargeable battery. An exclusive item like Lithium –ion has been used to manufacture the battery and to increase its functionality. That is why it takes a minimum time to charge the battery and it works for a long time.
• In order to charge the battery you have to use a USB charger, which you will get with the pack of cigarette.
• The cartridges of the cigarette are also special because they are available in full flavor.

E Cig working process

The atomizer of the cigarette actually works as the heating element, which vaporizes the liquid of the cartridges. They who are trying to get rid of smoking will be truly pleased with the vapor and soon they will be in a practice of avoiding traditional, unhealthy cigarettes. There is a certain process of smoking the cigar and you have to charge your battery for long eight hours if you are using it for first time. It is very natural that you will be excited to use the new kits as soon as possible, but to get the maximum benefits of E Cig; you have to charge the battery for a stipulated time.

Why E Cig profitable?

Many people prefer using E Cig because they consider it as an economic option. Record says that an yearly purchase of electronic cigarette help you to save almost $1,000

uses of E Cig

Using E Cig proves beneficial because:
• One can smoke among pubic, even within friends and family
• Give the same pleasure of nicotine.
• After smoking the cigars, you don’t smell any bad order in your cloth or in breathe like traditional cigarettes.
• You can easily reduce the health risks, which are associated with conventional cigarette smoking.

Smoking a cigarette is very harmful for health and you should try for other alternative like E Cig to get rid of this practice. Why not Try the E Cig Brand for yourself?

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