E Cig- Unknown Facts Of The Product

E Cig- Unknown Facts Of The Product

E Cig Brand Starter Kit

E Cig Brand Starter Kit

Electronic cigarette or E Cig is a new product which is being used by a huge number of smokers to quite the bad-habit of smoking. Lot are being said to demean the performance of the cigarette because traditional cigarette manufacturing companies may have to face hard competitions due to the popularity of electronic Cigarette, yet this harmless cigarette is being recommended by doctors across the world. It is a kind of cigarette which gives you the pleasure of smoking but keeps you away of the side affects .Apart from the health benefits there are other interesting facts to know about this cigarette to judge the importance of this cigarette.

How E cig Has Been Manufactured

Though the electronic cigarette looks almost the same as traditional cigarette there are a lot of differences between these two. These cigarettes have been manufactured in a different way to make cigarette smoking a pleasure. Unlike traditional cigarettes you don’t smoke it directly, rather smoke it electronically. When you put the cigarette on the charger the liquid in the cartridge stars burning and create the vapor, which you smoke .Though the battery of the E Cig is a high energy battery however, if you are using it for the first time you have to charge it for long 8 hours. It is for first time only and later you can use the battery for a whole day without charging it regularly. The battery is made of lithium ion which makes it a high -performance device. The full flavored nicotine cartridges make the cigarette special.

What Are The Benefits

There are a lot of benefits of using E Cig. As it is a zero smoke cigarette you can use it freely in public without thinking how it will affect the person. As the cigarette doesn’t cause any harm to you likewise it leaves no negative impact on the person within whom you smoke it. Thus you can now enjoy smoking within friends and family and even in front of children. What are the other benefits of using this cigarette? Let’s see in detail:
• It leaves no bad smell on breathe or dresses.
• Take care of the health issues which are associated with traditional cigarette smoking.

Cost Effective with E Cig

E Cig not only cares for your health but it cares for your pocket as well. Generally to reduce the side affects of cigarette we often opt for expensive brands for safety, however, still can’t be sure that the cigarette is good to use. Well, when you choose electronic cigarette you actually opt for a healthy yet budget friendly cigar.

E Cig Technical Features

With each pack of electronic cigarette you get a few tools which help you to use the cigarette with ease.
• In order to charge the lithium battery you need a USB charger which comes with the packet of the cigarette. Thus it is not needed to spend a few extra amounts to buy the charger.
• The atomizer, which is made of stainless still, work as the heating unit of the cigarette. This well made atomizer generate enough heat to burn the cartridges properly to give ultimate pleasure.

These are the interesting facts you should know about E Cig and hope it will help you to judge the importance of using the cigarette.

Why not try the E Cig for yourself?

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