E Cig- a healthy pleasure

E Cig- a healthy pleasure

 E Cig Brand Starter Kit

E Cig Brand Starter Kit

Though it is very well known to all that cigarette smoking is injurious to heath, still once someone gets in practice, it seems quite impossible for him or her to get rid of these unhealthy practices. Perhaps for this reason a different type of cigar product is now available in the market to replace the unhealthy smoking habit with a healthy pleasure. E cig, a special brand of Electronics cigarette gives you the pleasure of smoking while keeping you away from the side affects of smoking. Though the cigarette looks and tastes almost like real cigarette, however its manufacturing is quite different from the other ones as the products concern your health more than anything else.

E Cig- An Innovatory Product

E Cig is a kind of innovatory product which makes use of modern technology to change the traditional cigarette smoking experience. There are a few people who find this technical smoking device as a better alternative to common style of smoking, These technical device ease the process of smoking as it never cause smoke, ash or flames. So you don’t feel hesitated to smoke it in public as it generates no such passive smoking affects. There is no second hand smoke issue which is hard to avoid when you smoke traditional cigarette. Rather users can say it is an eco-friendly device which neither harms neither the users nor any one else around the person.


When a new product hits the market it obviously comprises of something special in its manufacturing or serves different purposes to grab the attention of niche market. This is also true in case of E Cig as this electronic device work in multiple ways to out pass the performance of conventional tobacco cigarettes.
• Even if you smoke the tobacco cigar of a reputed brand it is hard to avoid the awful odors in breath and clothes. However, when you use the electronic cigar, it gives pleasure only no bad smell, no unhealthy affects.
• To smoke the cigarette you don’t have to get out of your room because it is a zero-smoke cigarette.
• Give you the same pleasure of nicotine that you crave for


E cig Technicality

Now you will like to know what special technologies are being used to make the cigarette different from any other brand of electronic cigarette. Let’s have a quick look.
• Each pack of the cigarette comes with an atomizer which is made of stainless still.
• The battery of Electronic cigarette is rechargeable and lithium ion has been used to manufacture the batteries.
• A USB charger will be available with each pack to charge the battery.
• Full flavored cartridges, which are made of nicotine, are one of the special features of the cigarette.
• For customers pleasure manufactures also made the carrying case in a different way and they have used hard plastic to make it durable.

Economic important of E Cig

There are a few E Cig users who admit the fact that using electronic cigarette is an economic option than smoking traditional cigarettes. You can save almost $1 000every every year if you opt for the cigarettes.

So, if you want to stay healthy without compromising with the pleasure of smoking, you must try E Cig.  Why not try the E Cig for yourself?

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