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ECigarettes Starter Kits

ECigarettes Starter Kits

E Cig is a great device specifically built to help individuals quit smoking. E Cig has a look and feel similar to conventional cigarettes. This particular brand of electronic cigarette does not produce carcinogenic products associated with combustion. E Cig has gained considerable recognition as a nicotine delivery device. One of the other encouraging aspects with this particular model of electronic cigarette remains in the fact that the associated cost is approximately half of the usual cigarettes available in the market place. E Cig kit contains as many as six cartridges and can easily last for the entire month.

Essential Features of E Cig Starter Kit

The key features associated with E Cig starter kit are as highlighted below:
• Single USB Charger
• Associated Warranty Period
• Lithium-Ion Battery
• Advanced Atomizer
• Tobacco Flavored Cartridges
This particular model of electronic cigarette has gained considerable acceptance among some notable fans.

Acceptance among Eminent Personalities

A few of the notable fans who take immense fascination for this specific model of electronic cigarette include Lindsay Lohan, Steve Carell and Jesse Metcalfe. The above-mentioned notable personalities have slowly started to like E Cig as it can go a long way to help them quilt smoking. FDA describes E Cigs as tobacco products and does not look upon E Cigs as medical devices. It is an encouraging aspect that positive responses from smoker community are fast growing. E Cig was first available in the year 2004. In recent times, this specific model of electronic cigarettes has found its way in public consciousness. Marshall Weinstein believes that one of the main advantages with this particular model of electronic cigarette is the ability to practice smoking indoors. Marshall Weinstein who is a resident of Brooklyn Heights states that he always ensures that E Cig is always with him when he is traveling or enjoying at clubs.

Desirable Features of E Cig

The essential features associated with E Cig are as highlighted below:
• Flavor Cartridge
• Presence of a Silicone Tip
• Presence of a Built in Atomizer
• Rechargeable Battery
• Features Orange LED

Most individuals are confused at the immense effectiveness of E Cig. E Cig features an atomizer that helps to vaporize the fluid present inside the cartridge. The vapor produced by the atomizer goes a long way in satisfying the concerned smokers and thus helps them to quit smoking. It is necessary to recharge E Cig on a regular basis. The performance of this particular brand of electronic cigarette dips gradually as charge of the inbuilt battery gradually dips. One can easily make out that the charge of the battery is gradually draining out as the E Cig repeatedly flashes. Hence, it is necessary to connect the charger and plug the charger into the wall exit. It is necessary to ensure that the E Cig battery charges for a minimum of eight hours. It is always a safe practice to charge the batteries appropriately before starting to smoke. The popularity of this specific model of electronic cigarette will increase in the near future as well.

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