Robert was happy to have finally found a tobacco free device which actually worked

Electronic cigarettes are quickly replacing the traditional tobacco laced cigars. The main reason cited behind this switch is the lack of tobacco content in them. Here is what Robert, a die hard chain smoker, has to say about his new found companion.

The Electronic cigarettes was a device which Robert never thought he would ever use in his life. “Why should I use an e cigarette when I have regular ones?” Robert often told his friends. He was so addicted to smoking tobacco cigarettes that even though he was gifted a pack of electronic cigarettes, which was a complete starter kit, he refused to even look at it. Robert simply left the starter pack in his cupboard.

He was habitual of smoking 2 cigarette packets daily, which qualified him as a die hard chain smoker. In fact, he had seldom missed his daily dose for the past 15 years. Nonetheless, ever since he suffered a minor stroke, which as per the doctor, was owing to regular tobacco intake, Robert decided it was time to change his smoking habits.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Robert had serious issues trying to give the e cigarettes a try. “How would they taste?” “Would they help me feel good?” “Are they really effective?” These are few of the main questions that bothered Robert and stopped him from trying the electric cigarettes, which apparently still lay in his cupboard. Nonetheless, scared that his heart may give up on him if he smoked tobacco again, Robert decided to give e cigs a try. Reluctantly, he charged the battery and slid the mouthpiece in between his lips. The next instant, his face lit up with joy. “Why did I not try them before?”

Apparently, the much needed “nicotine hit” was delivered by the e cigarettes and Robert was happy to have finally found a tobacco free device which actually worked in his favor. Apparently, the main reason why Robert switched to e cigs was because these devices did not contain tobacco and they tasted just like a normal cigarette. Later on, when Robert shopped for his first refill cartridge, he realized that they cost just one third the price of regular cigarettes. So undoubtedly, his day was made and Robert had successfully chosen a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes.

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