E Cigarette Report Approved by the FDA Raises A Million Eyebrows

E Cig Brand Starter Kit

E Cig Brand Starter Kit

E cigarette report on the safety of electronic cigarettes has raised a million eyebrows as this apparent report was FDA approved. Nonetheless, owing to several loopholes in the final text, smokers couldn’t help but chuckle at the outcome.

E Cigarette usage is on the rise and is all set to boom in the year 2012. In a recent article published by the Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies, which apparently was FDA authorized, certain hypothetical dangers of smoking electronic cigarettes which apparently do not exist, shook the very foundation of the final analysis. In the recent past, there have been speculations that an attempt was also made to ban the use of electronic cigarettes, which of course was declined by a Federal judge.

This study was conducted to ascertain the total amount of nicotine that was present in an e cig cartridge, a refill as well as the vapor. For this very purpose, the concerned agency they chose three different e cig manufacturers. After the study was conducted, a report was prepared which stated that the nicotine levels did not match with what was listed on the labels of the cartridges and that the refills of each manufacturer had certain nicotine related deficiencies.

Reacting to the report, the executive Director of Smokefree Pennsylvania said that these findings were indeed misleading consumers and were an act of suppressing the actual benefits of smoking electric cigarettes. Bill went on to say that this is not the first such misleading report, as in the recent past, several attempts have been made to scare people from using e cigs and lure them into smoking tobacco cigarettes, which the world knows are fatal in nature.

According to ACSH’s Dr. Gilbert Ross, “In case nicotine levels present in e cigarettes are fluctuating, it does not imply that they are less effective or dangerous in any manner. Apparently, whenever FDA conducts research on electric cigarettes, some or the other misleading information always comes into the picture.” The biggest example is the falsified claim that electronic cigarette contains antifreeze.

As per Dr. Ross, “The carcinogen levels present in an electric cigarette vapor is never greater than the nicotine levels present in any other nicotine replacement device. In fact, electric cigarettes are much safer and less toxic as compared to any regular cigarette. Although, the complete data with regards to the benefits of electronic cigarettes is still being compiled, the attempt to ban e cigarettes by a government agency without realizing its benefits is not at all appropriate. This clearly shows that a good product is being pushed into the corner while a highly dangerous product is being allowed to remain in the market.”

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