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E Cig user and aficionado. I like to take long walks on the Beach and Eat Pork Rinds.

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E Cig user and aficionado. I like to take long walks on the Beach and Eat Pork Rinds.

MistBusters 3 Which E cig should I buy?

This video briefly goes over 3 of the most commonly purchased e cigs. Our goal with it is to help you determine which is right for you. Collectively we have spent thousands in research to find what works for heavy smokers like ourselves. We are really trying to save you money and make this work for you. We hope this helps.
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Why switch to an E Cig?

e cig skins
by quapan

That cigarettes are harmful to one’s health is not a secret. Between the tobacco and nicotine, there are serious adverse effects and risks when smoking cigarettes. The addictive power of nicotine, though, makes smoking cessation very difficult for many. Fortunately, an electronic cigarette (E Cigarette or E Cig) can help lessen the dangers involved with smoking making them a feasible alternative to the conventional cigarette. Here are some good reasons to consider switching to an E Cig.

No Harmful Tobacco

Perhaps the greatest benefit of switching to an electronic cigarette is elimination of tobacco you would otherwise consume with conventional cigarettes. The health risks involving tobacco use most often affect the heart and lungs, including strokes, heart attacks, emphysema, and cancer particularly of the lungs, larynx, mouth and pancreas. Tobacco can also lead to hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and peripheral vascular disease. Tobacco has caused millions of deaths worldwide with the World Health Organization reporting over 100 million deaths in just the 20th century alone.

These risks are serious but largely preventable in regard to tobacco-caused by simply not consuming tobacco. For smokers, this is not an easy task due to nicotine addiction but the E Cigarette can help greatly since it contains no tobacco. Smokers get the “smoking experience” without the need to consume tobacco.

Adjustable Nicotine Levels

Unlike conventional cigarettes, the technology behind E Cigarettes allows smokers to adjust the nicotine levels depending on the cartridge used. Nicotine levels available typically include none, low, medium and high with high around the same level as a conventional cigarette. Although E Cigs are not technically considered a smoking cessation tool, the benefits to adjusting nicotine levels is evident as it can be used to wean from nicotine altogether. If anything, considering the addictiveness of nicotine, the less inhaled is obviously better for health reasons.

No Smoky Smell

A common complaint of both smokers and non-smokers is the smell. You know that chimney-type smell that soaks into clothes, furniture, hair and skin? The E Cigarette eradicates this pesty problem since they do not give off a smell. This means there is no more need to stand outside in cold weather to avoid irritating those around you, nor do you have to worry about the problem of second-hand smoke. This alone is a good reason to switch to an E Cig not to mention the health benefits.

Lower Cost

Finally, an E Cigarette may be more expensive to purchase but it is more of a one-time investment since they contain a rechargeable battery. Smokers no longer need to purchase pack after pack where the cost can add up quickly. In fact, it has been said that the cost of smoking over a lifetime can be as high as purchasing a house. Switching to an E Cigarette can save you bundles in the long run.

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ECigaretteReviews.org Expanding Their Site

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 22, 2012

ECigaretteReviews.org has announced that they are expanding their site! The e cig site, which provides detailed electronic cigarette reviews, will now showcase even more brands. The product reviews found on the site are designed to help inform those who are not familiar with the devices about which brand will best benefit them. Users, after reading the reviews, will then be able to confidently make a purchase. The changes made to the site will enhance the users experience, and provide them with the most recent e cig news.

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Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Kits Help To Fight The New $1-A-Pack Cigarette Tax Hike

(PRWEB) June 04, 2012

E cigarette free trial packs giveaway by https://electroniccigarettehub.org is a countermove to Illinois lawmakers who gave final approval to a plan to raise taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products.

The $ 1-a-pack increase will more than double Illinois’ cigarette tax, which has stood at 98 cents for years. The measure goes to Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, who has said the tax hike is necessary to save Medicaid.

There was less political theater in the Senate, which voted 31-27 for a bill that will generate an estimated $ 350 million from new taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Current local and state taxes on a pack of smokes in Chicago are $ 3.66, according to the anti-smoking Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. The $ 1 increase would bring the combined tax rate to $ 4.66 in Chicago, behind only the $ 5.85 per pack rate in New York City.

Illinois’ cigarette tax now ranks 32nd among the states and the District of Columbia. The state would move up to the 16th highest tax rate, behind states that levy $ 2 or more for a pack of cigarettes, the anti-tobacco group said.

A quick calculation shows how much money can be saved by switching to smokeless cigarettes.

If the average cost of cigarettes is $ 5.29 per pack, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day will cost $ 158 a month and $ 1930 a year.

Each e cigarette cartridge equals to 20-30 sticks of traditional cigarettes which is almost a pack and a half. A pack of electric cigarette refill cartridges consists of 5 cartridges, equaling 5-7,5 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

The average cost of e cig refill cartridges is around $ 10. This will cost about $ 1.30 a day, $ 40 a month and $ 480 a year.

A smoker buying a pack of cigarettes a day is losing about $ 4 every day, $ 118 every month and $ 1450 every year by not using electronic cigarettes instead.

In other words, smokers can save about 75% on their smoking costs if they switch over to vapor cigarettes.

Jenny Jenkins from Houston, TX says: After switching to e cigs, first thing I noticed was more cash to spend at the regular foods shops, and buying better quality items. The second benefit was less coughing, and not being out of breath as often as I used to be.

To start saving money on smoking, go to https://electroniccigarettehub.org for more details about the electronic cigarette free trial kit.

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This Father’s Day Give Dad What He Really Needs

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

This Fathers Day, instead of resorting to mundane and traditional gifts, why not give Dad or Grandpa a gift that can improve his health for life? Let EverSmoke contribute to the best Fathers Day gift a Dad can ask for, by giving him an EverSmoke electronic cigarette.

EverSmoke, the premier electronic cigarette, is a high-tech, non-flammable solution for obtaining nicotine without exposure to tobacco. Through doses of a vaporized liquid nicotine solution, a smoker exhales water vapor that resembles a puff of smoke, providing the smoker with the same physical sensation and flavor similar to a real cigarette. EverSmoke E-cig contains zero tobacco, zero smoke and zero combustion. This means no more bad breathe, yellow teeth or lingering scents!

EverSmoke is offering 25 percent off on all starter kits in honor of Fathers Day. Since EverSmoke is the preferred, battery-powered alternative to traditional cigarettes, it is the ideal gift for any man who is a smoker this Fathers Day. There are no harmful chemicals in an EverSmoke eCig, making this the biggest bonus of all. Therefore, you can help your loved one by beginning his transition from traditional cigarettes to a healthy alternative.

The Basic Starter Kit has what one needs to begin enjoying the freedom and satisfaction of smoking anywhere without all the harmful side effects. The Basic Starter Kit includes a lithium ion standard battery, a portable wall charger, a USB charger and five nicotine cartridges. One cartridge is equivalent to one pack of traditional cigarettes. EverSmoke allows you to choose the flavor and strength to your taste. The flavors offered are Vanilla, Cherry, Menthol, Peppermint, Coffee and traditional Tobacco. All flavors come in four different strengths: Full Flavored, Light, Ultra-Light and no nicotine.

EverSmoke made a statement on their Fathers Day special stating, Family plays such an important role in everybodys life. We believe that this is a great opportunity for people to ensure their families health by giving such a unique and extraordinary gift.

EverSmoke surpasses other leading electronic cigarette brands with its superior VaporMax technology, insuring a clean smooth draw that produces maximum vapor and a realistic smoking experience, with every puff. EverSmoke offers a safe, healthy environment for both you and the non-smoking community. Its already known that ties are outdated, so for this Fathers Day give a gift that wont be just another collection to a wardrobe. Give a gift that will lead to a collection of healthy choices.

This technologically advanced brand of electronic cigarettes and desirable flavored cartridges, combine an effective aid to help in making a better smoking choice. For more information about EverSmokes products visit https://www.EverSmoke.com.

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What Are E-Cigarettes and Why You Should Try Them!

Article by Steve Kolesar

Online marketer of electronic cigarettes for more information please visit https://www.ecigarettes4u.net

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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V2 Electronic Cigarettes Review,V2 E cig review,Buy V2 electric cigarettes cheap online

V2 Electronic Cigarettes Review,V2 E cig review,Buy V2 electric cigarettes cheap online

V2 Electronic Cigarettes Discount CLICK HERE bit.ly V2Cigs 10% OFF V2 electronic cigarette review,Honest V2 e cig review,buy v2,Don’t buy V2 electronic cigarettes before you read this V2 electronic cigarette review,V2 Cigarettes! read the full V2 electronic cigarette review & find other cheap electronic cigarettes & electronic cigarette reviews www.buyelectroniccigarettereviews.com www.buyelectroniccigarettereviews.com www.buyelectroniccigarettereviews.com www.buyelectroniccigarettereviews.com www.buyelectroniccigarettereviews.com www.buyelectroniccigarettereviews.com www.buyelectroniccigarettereviews.com
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Beginners E-Cigarette Cheapest and How to Get Started Vaping

Some friends asked me to recommend the best e-cigarette for the cheapest money for a good enough vaping experience for them to see if they could do this in order to stop smoking. Here’s the best I’ve found so far, the Madvapes Disposable E-Cig 510. In this video, I show how I arrived at this conclusion, the un-boxing, how it vapes, and how to get started using it, since this e-cig does not come with any instructions. Please stop smoking, however you can do it, for yourself, your family, others who love you, and your wallet. music by Kevin MacLeod – Thank you Kevin for your free royalty-free music Filmed with a Kodak Zi8 Edited in Windows 7 with Windows Live Movie Maker
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E-Cigarettes: Quit smoking with greatest certainty

Article by Soubhik

Get more info about the usefullness of e-cigarettes on https://www.212smoke.com and https://www.smokingnetwork.com

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whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

This is my little advertisement for the Joye EGO electronic cigarette and how awesome it is! Buy the Joye EGO: www.litecigusa.net Buy E-Liquid: www.vikingvapor.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Demo and Sell the All-New miniVAp, the Volcano, and the Plenty

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

Slide4less Inc. is introducing the all new miniVAP vaporizer as well as Storz & Bickels all new Plenty vaporizer. They’re giving customers the opportunity to demo the revolutionary miniVAP, the tried and true Volcano Digit and Volcano Classic, as well as the all-new Plenty by Storz & Bickel for a deeply discounted price. In addition, they are offering professionals in all medical fields introductory offers for trying out these revolutionary new vaporizers.

We distribute high-grade therapeutic vaporizers that deliver bona fide vaporization performance as well as purity and sound design, said Darren Romar, co-owner of Slide4less. The vast majority of vaporizers on the market today arent tested or patented at all, Romar continued, In an industry that makes a lot of claims about supporting a healthier lifestyle, its key to use only the finest medical grade materials, test your product thoroughly, and also to go through the process of patenting your product.

Everything that Slide4less Inc. sells is laboratory tested, patented, and engineered with cutting edge design. Why use a vaporizer if its not going to deliver true purity and dependable vaporization performance?

The vast majority of cheaper, more popular, vaporizer designs either burn the material or they dont maintain the heat consistently. In short, they dont really vaporize. The vaporizer has gone off track from what Slide4less Inc. believes in, which is that the only good vaporizer is one that delivers clean, chaste and pure vapor, free of carcinogens and other toxins associated with smoke. Further, a vaporizer that is not tested, patented, or designed to deliver purity is worth nothing at all.

“The main benefit of vaporizing is that it eliminates the byproducts of combustion. By precisely holding the temperature just below the point of combustion, a vaporizer does not burn the material, eliminating the presence of hazardous chemicals associated with smoke. By vaporizing with the right vaporizer you can virtually eliminate the smokers cough,” says Steven Steinberg, co-owner of Slide4less.

Years ago we introduced the Volcano to the United States. The volcano delivers a vaporizing experience that holds to our standards of excellence. It was our company, Slide4less that imported and distributed all Volcanos in the United States initially, said Steinberg. The Volcano was a huge success and we are still heavily involved with Storz & Bickel. However, there are many other distributors that started selling the Volcano, distributing to a different market than we do.

Slide4less has always distributed to the medical market, including the alternative medicine market in states that allow it. Regardless of this, we are not a paraphernalia distributor, as are most of the other vaporizer distributors. We only distribute vaporizers that meet our standards. This is why we sell high grade, therapeutic level vaporizers to a wider medical and health market, Darren Romar adds.

“The newest fads to hit the vaporizer market are E-Cigarettes and Pens. These are an exception rather than the rule in that they are patented. Ruan Corporation of China holds the worldwide patents for all E-Cigs. Hon Lik, also from China, invented the modern vaporizing pen,” says Romar. Both products are worldwide hits and are used to deliver a variety of nicotine mixtures.

“Did you know that Pens and E-Cigarettes use glycerin as a carrier to your lungs? The E-Cigarette is not a medical device and the use of a carrier means that the substance (glycerin) is inhaled in conjunction with the nicotine. This is not sound vaporization. The problem with these products is that they are not made to vaporize at a high enough temperature to efficiently vaporize all materials. Certain types of oils are not vaporized. Instead, the mixture is carried by glycerin, which vaporizes at a much lower temperature. Certain materials need to reach a much higher temperature in order for the essential oils to become activated,” is how Romar explains it.

Again, Slide4less Inc. doesn’t sell paraphernalia. They distribute only medical grade vaporizers. Slide4less Inc. loves meeting new customers and showing them the difference face-to-face. They do presentations and lectures across the country, and they will even sell demo units at the lowest wholesale rate. They are, hands down, the cleanest products on the market and the ones we trust and use daily ourselves.

Slide4less is currently looking for dispensaries, doctors, and wholesalers that are in it for the long haul. They’re trying to find exclusive partners that are interested in helping us develop a better delivery method so they can get these products out to the masses. They have recently started drop-shipping the miniVAP to distributors. This means customers dont have to make a huge investment by buying them in bulk. If a customer or patient is interested in a healthier alternative to smoking, suggest the miniVAP, Plenty, or Volcano. They will handle the shipping.

No other company has what Slide4less Inc. offers. Give them a call today at 1-800-659-8731 and leave them your name and number. Do it the right way with Slide4less Inc. from Oakland, California. Darren, Steve, Brent, James or Riche are here every day of the week to help you get started.

Thanks for your attention,

Slide4less Inc.

Oakland, Ca.


1-510-219-2761 (Darrens cell)

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