Buying Your First E Cig Starter Kit

As far as e-cigarettes go, commonly known as electronic cigarettes, there’s only been one main question on everyone’s minds: where to buy e cigarettes from. E-Cigarettes have quickly become one of the most popular nicotine related products over the last few years, not only for regular smokers of tobacco cigarettes who are looking for a way to be able to smoke more conveniently, but also for those who are looking for a way to either quit or cut back. Most people just starting buy an e cig starter kit, which are selling off the shelves quick.


While e-cigarettes are so far considered one of the best replacements for tobacco cigarettes, they work completely different, especially with that ‘electronic’ factor. Who would have thought people would be getting their nicotine fix from e-cigarettes; something that’s electronic? As unbelievable as it seems, people are choosing to buy e-cigarettes in place of other tobacco products in increasing numbers, and it looks as though it’s a product that will continue to shine…right down to the glowing orange tips of e-cigarettes.


When people finally decide to buy e-cigarettes, they usually buy an e cig starter kit, which gives them everything they need for smoking e-cigarettes and becoming a full e-cigarettes smoker. An e cig starter kit typically comes with the following main components: the main mouthpiece for e-cigarettes, a battery or two (one that’s charged and one to be ready to use when the first one dies), and some kind of cartridge that holds the nicotine infused liquid that turns into vapor, which the smokers inhale.


When people want to buy e cigarettes and get an e cig starter kit, the main mouthpiece has an atomizer and battery in it which is responsible for drawing in the liquid so the smoker can inhale from the e-cigarettes. Also, they can get an e cig starter kit that has either a refillable cartridge or disposable cartridge, a disposable cartridge meaning they can just throw it out when they’re done with it and or a refillable one which allows them to refill it with nicotine juice themselves.


Choosing to buy e cigarettes has given people different reasons: some use them to cut back gradually, and only use an e-cig starter kit in order to make a one time attempt at smoking, since they can buy low nicotine juice and still be able to physically smoke. Others buy e cigarettes because they’re a healthier alternative and can be smoked anywhere. Regardless of the reason, it does look like people will continue to buy e cigarettes.


On the hunt for a great e-cig starter kit? Visit, an online e-cigarettes store where you can buy e cigarettes and everything you need to be an e-smoker, including supplies like nicotine e-juice and cartridges. Backed by a money back guarantee, you won’t be disappointed, so stop by today!

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South Beach Smoke Review?New South Beach Smoke Affiliates No Longer Receive At the Beach Free Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Review

There are a few South Beach Smoke Reviews on the internet which state the author received an At the Beach Free Starter Kit to conduct a South Beach Smoke Review worthy of sales.  Each South Beach Smoke Review which alludes to an “At the Beach Free Starter Kit” is old and a reflection of what was offered when South Beach Smokes first entered the world of electronic cigarettes.  So why did South Beach ever give away an ‘At the Beach Free Starter Kit’ to new South Beach affiliates and why is it no longer an available promotion?

South Beach Smoke Review

At the Beach Free Starter Kit

Electronic cigarettes first hit the market in the early 2000’s, and they have been increasing in popularity and gaining preference over tobacco cigarettes since.  There are numerous electronic cigarette manufacturers, and competition is stiff.  As such, emerging e-cigarette makers need to be crafty in their marketing techniques.  In order to gain a leg up over the competition, South Beach Smokes offered interested affiliates an At the Beach Free Starter Kit for 2 reasons:  The first was to entice affiliate marketers to join; and the second was to offer affiliates an ability to market the product with personal experience using it. 

As with any introductory offer, it was only a matter of time before the cost of each At the Beach Free Starter Kit would no longer be justified.  The promotion, however, did its work by putting South Beach Smokes on the map.  Now the only people who can conduct a South Beach Smoke Review for free are active and retired/discharged military.  Nonetheless, their creative marketing helped them to become one of the most preferred electronic cigarettes available. 

South Beach Smoke Review

What Makes South Beach the Best Electronic Cigarette?

The best aspect of southbeach smokes electronic cigarettes is:  You can still perform your own South Beach Smoke review for a very low price.  E-cigarette smokers are not only able to smoke south beach for a low price, it’s a manufacturer which is also highly revered for its quality.  Cigarette smokers who are interested in smoking electronic but are unable to afford an e-cig starter kit are overjoyed they can smoke southbeach electronic cigarettes for less than the cost of a carton of traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

Although they no longer offer an At the Beach Free Starter Kit to interested affiliates or e-cig smokers, South Beach offers a money back guarantee if the quality isn’t all it was promised to be.  If you are afraid of what tobacco will do to you but you can’t stop smoking, your most affordable alternative is to follow through with your own South Beach Smoke review and make the switch to electronic cigarettes. 

Electronic cigarettes are only one method of quitting smoking.  There are numerous holistic, nicotine-based, and spiritual solutions to your nicotine addiction.  To read a more detailed South Beach Smoke Review, visit and feel free to browse the rest of the site for free information on how to stop smoking cigarettes for good. 

An Introduction To Blu Cigs Starter Kits

Several people all around the globe now depend on using e cigs as opposed to smoking, it is also perfect for people who don’t smoke that much. Despite the fact that this product is quite new on the market, it has appeared to have made quite an impact on the way that we smoke. When e cigs were first made, they were produced to be quite big in size but there are now smaller sized e cigs which will fit easily in your coat pocket. Many people like the vapor cigs because it helps them to give up smoking all together, especially the harmful cigarettes.

An e cig will be perfect for you if you would like the feel and also look of a normal cigarette. The smoke which you see coming from the e cig is real but it doesn’t contain any nicotine so you won’t be effecting your health in anyway. These vaporless cigarettes in addition have many features which make it look very similar to a cigarette, so when you breath it in as you would a normal fact you will fill the similar effects to a normal cigarette.

The electric cigarette uses a small watch type battery and also has cartridges inside the cigarette shell, the cartridges contain a liquid nicotine which the battery turns into smoke that the user will inhale to get the nicotine hit. This gives you faster nicotine hits than the usual conventional methods. At the same time that led light at the tip of the electric cigarette will glow orange to make it look a lot more authentic. Another safety aspect of the e cigs is the led light wont start fires, now that’s always a plus!

Most people are becoming accustomed to this electronic device because they enjoy the sensation that the e cig gives when you use it. Some people also enjoy the aspect of being able to decide which flavors you want to have, they also like the thought of being able to alter the strength of nicotine they want to intake, people like being in control. The strength choosing is also very important because this is the very thing that makes you give up smoking in the end, if you start at the same strength your cigarettes are and lower the dosage, eventually you will not even want to smoke anymore.

Whether you would like to cut down on the amount you smoke or perhaps just find an alternate way to smoke without harming your health then e cigs could be perfect for you. As a way to find out more about this device then you need to look on the net. This is because there are many different types available on the market and its much better to choose one for your needs and requirements

Jimmy White the snooker player uses one in contests as smoking thin the United Kingdom is now illegal so he uses the vapor cigarette to replace the usual harmful cigarettes. On the 400th anniversary of Alan Tichmarsh talk show he bought one out live on air and even gave some out free! Paris Hilton was also seen out around the town holding an e cig!

I am thinking of buying the Blu E cig starter kit from walgreens?

Question by Nick: I am thinking of buying the Blu E cig starter kit from walgreens?
From what I recall its the Original starter kit, not the premuim starter kit. It costs about 50 bucks. Is it worth it? What are the pros and cons of buying this?

Best answer:

Answer by Gold Guy
It’s funny I was at walgreens yesterday looking at the Blu kit for $ 69. I ended up buying 1 Blu disposable from walgreens to try it before dropping $ 70 on this thing. They had disposables in tobacco and menthol flavors so I got the tobacco one. I have to say I like it. I don’t smoke much anyway, about 1/2 a pack per day or less but I want to quit smoking for the health aspect. So I have this disposable since yesterday that I’ve been puffing on and I haven’t had a regular cigarette since I bought this disposable. Anyway, I like this thing enough that I went on their website and bought the premium 100 kit for $ 89. from what I read the battery life is longer on the premium 100 kit and there is a charge indicator on the box so you know how much charge you have left. Also no screw in charging on the premium kit. I figured I’m going to have this a long time so might as well drop the extra $ 20 to get the premium 100 kit. I figure I’ll end up saving the money over regular cigs that are going up to $ 6 a pack in my state come 2013. My advice to you is go back to walgreens and but the $ 10 disposable to see if you like it enough to use instead of normal cigs. Personally I’m pretty impressed with the disposable, haven’t got my kit yet though (ordered it an hour ago).

Check out their site if you haven’t yet. there are ‘how to’ videos on there that will explain how it works, charges, features etc.

Give your answer to this question below!

Features of E-Cig Starter Kit

special e cig
by quapan

Nowadays, the E-cig starter kit is becoming more and more popular because of the features it has. The kit contains E juice, a special component of the cigarette that many people find interesting. Because of this type of cigarette, many people are enjoying a great new experience in smoking. If you have seen an E-cig starter kit in a particular cigarette store, you probably find the eagerness to know more about the smoking device. Learn more about the fabulous details that the E juice has.

Typically, the E-cig starter kit comes in a brilliant and convenient carrying case. The kit comes complete with a charger, which allows you to enjoy a great smoke whenever you want. The simple instructions found in the kit found in a typical cigarette store provide you with ease in using the kit.

An important feature of the cigarette is the E juice. This special component of the cigarette makes all the difference from the conventional tobacco cigarette. The liquid comes in a variety of exciting flavors. In fact, several brands have as much as 20 flavors, thus giving you plenty of choices. In addition, you can choose the strength of the E-cig starter kit. The strength depends on the E juice with varying levels of nicotine. You can rely on the contents of the electronic cigarettes sold in cigarette store. The more nicotine content of the E juice, the more nicotine it contains.

Any E cig starter kit available in a cigarette store comes in top quality and reliable ingredients. The fact that there are fewer harmful chemicals in the electronic cigarette, this makes the device ideal to use as replacement for tobacco cigarettes. In addition, you will love the fantastic flavor and taste of a smokeless cigarette. You can continue the great feeling of smoking by refilling the cartridge once it runs empty.

The best thing about the E juice is that it does not produce or releases a toxic smoke that can jeopardize the health of the people around you, supposing you smoke at their presence. This feature, which is unique to electronic cigarettes, allows you to bask in the great feeling of smoking without becoming a nuisance to other people. Hence, there is no such thing as secondhand smoking with this cigarette.

So what are you waiting for? Look up the different brands of electronic cigarette found in a cigarette store online or as a local store. Experience the great benefits of the cigarettes that you can use without taking a toll to your health.

If you’ve been looking for an online cigarette store to buy quality e-cigarette supplies from, look no further than At, you’ll find a wide variety of e-cig starter kits, e-juice, cartridges, atomizers, chargers, and more, all at a low price. The products at this top cigarette store are ones that will last you as well, and once you buy one time, you’ll definitely keep coming back time and time again, so get started saving today!

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