Freedom Laser Therapy President Craig Nabat is driven to help Simon Cowell to Quit Smoking

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 12, 2013

Formerly addicted smoker Craig Nabat, Founder of Freedom Laser Therapy, a Los Angeles based nicotine addiction clinic wants to offer reality star, television and record producer Simon Cowell a nicotine free and all natural method for him to quit smoking. It has been reported numerous times in the media this year that 54 year old Simon Cowell, The X Factor USA star and former American Idol judge’s pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman is demanding for him to quit smoking before their first child is born next February. Silverman has supposedly laid down the ground rules that there will be no smoking around the baby, if he chooses to still smoke. In November, Arsenio Hall staged his own intervention with Simon on his talk show after being overwhelmed during their interview by the strong smell of smoke radiating from him.

Nabat has been attempting to offer Cowell Freedom Laser Therapy to protect the health of his unborn child and prolong the life of this uber successful businessman, producer, and A&R executive. Cowell is reportedly seldom seen without a lit cigarette. His craving for nicotine is supposedly so intense that he prefers smoking to sex and was quoted as saying, “When I’m having sex, I’m actually thinking I want to hurry up and finish so I can have a cigarette!” According to the American Lung Association smoking reduces one’s life expectancy by an average of 13 years for a male smoker.

Simon is defiant about quitting smoking as reported by People Magazine and declares he’ll have a smoking room in his home. Nabat says, “Simon mentioned in the press that electronic cigarettes don’t work to quit smoking.” Cowell is correct, why would a person use nicotine to quit nicotine, the exact same drug they are addicted to? It is a silly premise and people who believe they are quitting smoking switching to E-Cigs from traditional cigarettes should realize they are simply only transferring the device used to ingest nicotine. The electronic cigarette smoker will still remain enslaved to nicotine.”

Nabat is offering to personally treat Simon for his nicotine addiction next time Cowell is in Los Angeles or Freedom will send Cowell the new at home Freedom Quit Smoking System- America’s Nicotine Free & Natural Way to Quit. Nabat openly says to Cowell. “Man, you’ve got it all, beautiful girlfriend, a child on the way, career success, money to enjoy every single whim you desire and it can all be taken away from you in an instant, if you suffer from a heart attack, stroke, or tobacco related illness. I’ve personally helped thousands of smokers stop permanently and I’m certain I can help you quit smoking too.”

Craig strives daily to help smokers looking to stop smoking. Freedom Laser Therapy has been treating celebrities for nicotine addiction over the past decade and their pain free laser therapy procedure is known as the quit smoking treatment to the stars. Freedom Laser Therapy has appeared at countless celebrity gifting suites educating celebrities that people struggling to stop smoking can now quit naturally and experience reduced withdrawal symptoms.

Nabat continually focuses his aim at urging celebrities to Live Free from Nicotine. Nabat strongly believes images of celebrities smoking which are captured by the media undoubtedly causes many teens to initially start smoking; and he claims one of reasons he started originally smoking was being influenced by a cool A list male actor lighting up in a feature film.

Freedom Laser Therapy has been featured on Access Hollywood, The Doctors, Fox News, Huffington Post Live, TLC, VH1,, and;

Despite there being a diminished number of smokers over the past 40 years, cigarette smoking is still considered the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the United States and nearly one in every five adults are still smoking. The number of adult smokers in the United States is still staggering at approximately 42.5 million. Nabat is Dedicated to Freeing the World from Nicotine Addiction and is driven to help all smokers who have the desire to Live Free.

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Freedom Laser Therapy established in April 2003 has treated 10,000+ smokers for nicotine addiction. After a decade of research and clinical experience of helping smokers quit, Founder Craig Nabat invented the new Freedom Quit Smoking System, a 10 day all natural and nicotine free at home program designed to free smokers from the addictive grip of nicotine. In a research study 70% of the subjects quit smoking 30 days after being on the program. Freedom Laser Therapy is actively working with reps who are now approaching corporations nationwide promoting Freedom’s corporate smoking cessation program. The goal is to reduce employers’ health insurance costs for their smoking employees and align with socially conscious companies seeking to substantially decrease the number of smokers in the United States.

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Curb Your Smoking Habit with Non Nicotine Electronic Cigarette

 E-cigarettes are an electronic device that is operated by electronic batteries. The device mimics the real cigarette both physically and functionally. It is used as a tobacco smoking cessation equipment. The device consists of an atomizer, a battery and a cartridge with e-liquid. The atomizer in the e-cig gets heated up by the power of the battery, which in turn heats up the e-liquid to leave mist like vapors that resembles the real smoke in a tobacco cigarette.


The e-liquid may or may not contain nicotine. Non nicotine electronic cigarettes do not contain any trace of nicotine in them. There are many smokers, who prefer non nicotine e-liquid because it has the same effect of smoking in terms of vapor and appearance, but it does not contain any nicotine; instead, it contains different flavors like apple, vanilla, coffee, peach, and so on.


The non nicotine e-cigs have the same ingredients like propylene glycol, grade glycerol, vegetable glycerin, distilled water, citric acid, natural or artificial flavors.  Moreover, they both release the same gases, but non nicotine e-cigs have no nicotine content in it. Most people use this electronic device as a substitute to original cigarettes or as a tobacco cigarette cessation device. The non nicotine smokers can go for tobacco flavor, menthol flavor, coffee flavor or coco flavor, which may be effective to kill the nicotine urge.


E-cigs have several advantages over normal tobacco cigarettes. They have no tobacco, no tar, no ash, no passive smoking effects, no stains on fingers, no smell, no hazardous chemicals, no addictive and no nicotine, if it is zero nicotine e-liquid, in them. In addition, they can be used in public places like hospitals and restaurants since no fire or combustion takes place while using them, so no restriction.


Basically the density of e-liquid present in the cartridge is based on the type of e cig the smoker chooses. A non nicotine e-cig contains no nicotine, low density e-liquid contains 6 mg nicotine, medium density contains 12 mg nicotine, high density has 18 mg nicotine, XHigh density has 24 mg nicotine, XXHigh density has 36 mg nicotine and XXXHigh density has 48 mg nicotine. Unlike the real cigarettes the whole nicotine in electronic cigarettes cannot be absorbed.  The smoker could get only 50 to 80 percentage of the density.


The non nicotine electronic cigarettes have additional advantage on e-cigs, so start smoking non nicotine e-cigs and live a healthy and happy life forever!

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Modern Trend of Smoking Ecigarettes

Many people have been exposed to the stylish electronic cigarettes that are smokeless and odorless. This means that the e-liquid inside the electronic cigarettes is nicotine flavored or has a different unique flavor. The only sight on electronic cigarettes is the fumes which come from vaporizing e-liquid.

Doctors have advised patients to stay away from nicotine based cigarettes. This is usually a difficult step for addicts. Mental set-up is what makes quitting difficult as compared to the physical. This means that an addict who has been told to quit smoking for health purposes will have a lot of relapses because his mind is not conditioned to stop smoking immediately. This is the sole reason why electronic cigarettes have been invented to help people quit smoking nicotine gradually. The concentration of nicotine in e-liquid used in the electric cigarettes is put in concentrations until the addiction stops. This is playing tricks with the mind in the sense that, the concentration of nicotine will be medium and then reduced to low and lastly other flavors that do not contain nicotine are refilled in the smokeless cigarettes.

During this time, a person can refill cartridges with different nicotine concentration until there is no concentration at all. This way proves that a person will stop smoking gradually without relapses. Smoke-free cigarettes will not irritate family and friends who are not smokers. The normal nicotine cigarette has a strong smell that sticks on clothes, the hands and in the air. These electronic cigarettes leave no trace of smell, giving a person a modern feel to changing with technology.

Smoking electronic cigarettes means that a person has analyzed his or her smoking patterns. Those who smoke two packs a day need an electric cigarette that is stronger and also one that lasts longer. Those who are casual smokers will need a slim ecigarette because it has a moderate e-liquid and battery life. A smoker can buy more than one ecigarette so that when a person is one is on the move; he can use both of the cigarettes and charge at home when he has settled. It is possible to also buy electric cigarettes that have different flavors and switch between the cigarettes for extra pleasure. Empty ecigarettes can be refilled manually. It is also possible to smoke these modern and trendy cigarettes while the batteries are still charging. E-liquid is sold in online stores and it contains different flavors or nicotine concentration depending with a person’s preference. The e-liquid is not carcinogenic and this means that it is safe to consume while smoking.

Today is the day you buy an electronic cigarettes kit and get started on a healthier path. Why not stop by and see just how cost effective switching to e-cigarettes can be. Now days smokeless e-liquid is used to refill them for next to nothing. Do yourself and your family a favor and try the new improved electronic cigarettes they sell. Check it out today.

As Attorneys General call for FDA regulation, CNN’s Dr. Gupta asks CDC Director Thomas Frieden: Are e-ecigarettes safe? More from CNN at
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