What You Need to Smoke an Electronic Cigarette Without Nicotine

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Many folks like to hold a cig, smoke a cig, but don’t want the bad effects from nicotine cravings. So, they turn to electronic cigarettes because you can control how much nicotine you vape. If you’re curious what you need to smoke an electronic cigarette without nicotine here’s the lowdown:

The nicotine in ecigs is stored in cartridges. So companies have offered their customers some choices when it comes to nicotine strength for the folks who want to vape without nicotine. Nicotek refills come in varying levels from regular to extra light and now with zero percent nicotine.

The way an ecig works is that the battery gives power to the atomizer which heats the liquid in the cartridge so you can inhale the vapor. So, if there’s no nicotine in the liquid, you’re not going to inhale nicotine. Pretty simple really. If you’re just getting started with ecigs you might want to grab a metro electronic starter kit from http://www.ecigarettesolution.com That will give you all the batteries, chargers, carrying case, etc. But you’ll also want to grab some nicotek refills with 0% nicotine while you’re there.

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Getting That Nicotine High Minus The Risks

Once a smoker, always a smoker. A smoker will always find a way to get around a smoking ban or the cancer scare. Fortunately, smokers have the advancement in technology on their side, so that they can now enjoy a good puff without angering environmentalists, anti-smoking advocates and cigarette-ban enforcers.

We are talking about Electronic Cigarettes. How do they work? Electronic Cigarettes give you that nicotine high without you getting in trouble with any anti-smoking ordinance and without you worrying about the harmful effects of nicotine to yourself and others.

An electronic cigarette looks just like your ordinary cigarette stick, but it has a chamber where pure E-Liquid nicotine is vaporised into a steam puff. Smokers suck at the electronic cigarette and inhale the vapors just like they would a real cigarette, but minus those notorious substances that health buffs fiercely warn you about.

The E-Liquid that is used in producing vapors is sold either as a bottled product, with a cartridge that is refillable, or as a pre-filled disposable cartridge. Bottled E-Liquid is also sold under different names, which include “e-juice” and “nicotine solution.” The contents of an E-Liquid product solution vary, but the most common is the one that includes water and flavorings. The flavoring is in glycerine or propylene glycol base.

The E-Liquid solution mostly comes in three cartridge types: low cartridge containing 6 milligrams of nicotine, medium cartridge which contains 11 mg of nicotine, and high cartridge which has 16mg of nicotine.

The only ingredient in Electronic Cigarettes is nicotine, unlike the real cigarettes which have about 4,000 tar and chemicals. As the word “electronic implies,” Electronic Cigarettes are powered by battery, which allows them to display a glowing red tip to simulate the glowing tip of a real cigarette, minus the smoke. And most amazing of all, Electronic Cigarettes taste just like the real stuff.

Producers of Electronic Cigarettes assure customers their products are safe to be used in any public place despite a national ban on smoking. This is because they don’t produce smoke and there’s no flame to cause fire.

And what’s even better news for smokers is that Electronic Cigarettes don’t cause lung cancer because they only have nicotine as their sole ingredient. For the same reason, smokers of these high-tech cigarettes cannot also be accused of causing cancer to other people, who are otherwise called “passive smokers” in the world of real cigarette smoke.

With the invention of Electronic Cigarettes, smokers can now get their favorite nicotine hit without having to violate anti-smoking ordinances and without getting lung cancer, or causing the disease to others. e-liquid nicotine is the only ingredient of this amazing invention. This Liquid Nicotine allows the smoker to enjoy their favorite cigarette flavor.

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