Nicotine in e-cigs, tobacco linked to heart disease

Nicotine in e-cigs, tobacco linked to heart disease
The inventor of the electronic cigarette, Hon Lik smokes his invention in Beiijng on May 25, 2009. STORY … A new paper delivered at the American Society of Cell Biology annual meeting in New Orleans on Sunday suggests that nicotine can cause direct …
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Refillable electronic cigarettes face EU ban
It's direct inhalation of nicotine into the lungs. That creates an addiction very fast," said a senior diplomat involved in the negotiations. "It encourages a switch to real cigarettes." The European e-cigarettes market is currently estimated at €2bn …
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It is the great matter of discussion whether nicotine is present or not in Electronic Cigarettes. Nicotine being an indigeneous constituent of an electronic cigarette has replaced tobacco which is present in real cigarettes. It is still claimed by some of the researches that nicotine is not present in e cigs which seems to be vague. Nicotine is actually present in electronic cigarettes. Its presence is actually denied for the sake of publicity.

Factfully, there are almost ten million deaths worldwide in a year and 400000 deaths in USA in a year due to the consumption of tobacco either directly or indirectly by smoking real cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes as well contains an ample number of carcinogens and tar which is itself the root cause of respiratory diseases.

Electronic Cigarettes alias e cigs is a revolutionary discovery which has become the matter of discussion among media and smokers. Best electronic cigarette reviews are really surprising. A user can be more relieved and healthy by the use of electronc cigarettes.It is drawing attention due its tremendous advantages over tobacco cigarettes. Electronic Cigarette provides nicotine delivery in a device called vapor cigarette. These innovative products have evolved over the years and in their present form do not emit smoke, ash, or waste.  Hundreds of thousands of tobacco smokers have used electronic cigarettes, also called “e cigarettes” to enable themselves to smoke in environments where smoking is not allowed.

The amount as well as the feeling of the nicotine absorbed by the body from electronic cigarette smoking depends on many factors, including the density of the nicotine in e-liquid, the eclectronic cigarette vaporing quantity, the smoking frequency and timing, and the smoking inhaling respiration.

Nicotine is actually a drug which is prescribed by doctors in many cases. Actually the nicotine in the E-Liquid can not be absorbed completely by the smoker. It should be noted that, although it is highly addictive, no studies have shown nicotine to be a carcinogen. It is simply the fix that cigarette smokers crave. It is recommended that those who have a demonstrated sensitivity to nicotine, are pregnant or breastfeeding or who have unstable heart conditions, should discuss the use of any E-Liquid with a doctor before using.

There are various electronic cigarette brands available in the market. Out of all the available brands in the market,v2 cigs is the generally the eye catch of every smoker. V2 cigs reviews are really astonishing. Electronic cigarette reviews have made it the best anti-smoking product which has shown the ray of hope to smokers who are firmly determined to quit out of this addiction. If anyone is eager to quit out of this addition can switch over to electronic cigarettes.


Electronic Cigarette alias e cigs is the matter of discussion among smokers due to its positive concerns.Best electronic  cigarette reviews are very positive due to which many new electronic cigarette brands are coming up.But the most eye catching brand is v2 cigs. V2 cigs reviews are very positive.Nicotine is the e liquid filled inside which is actually a doctor prescribed by doctors but excess of it can lead to addiction which might be harmful but lesser than tobacco present in tobacco.

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Pixotine Products Launches the Original Nicotine Toothpick

Jupiter, FL (PRWEB) August 23, 2013

If there is any feeling all smokers understand, it’s frustration. Frustration with the inability to smoke indoors, frustration with the challenges of smoking in public or around others and, well, frustration with the inability to smoke Anywhere… Anytime! The introduction of e-cigarettes to the scene seemed like a viable response to all the choruses of “no smoking”. On the surface, they appear to be significantly cleaner than traditional cigarettes and they don’t emit a smoky smell or second hand smoke although they do emit a vapor. However, the explosive e-cigarette industry is being challenged with new regulations at the local and state government levels and it appears that e-cigarette users could be seeing the beginning of the end for their smoking and tobacco alternative.

E-Cigarettes have received a significant amount of press, and for a good reason. Since their introduction to the mainstream market in 2007, e-cigarettes have provided an easy alternative to conventional cigarettes. Tobacco companies are even taking the gamble and buying out e-cig companies, effectively paving the way for a new era in smoking. With the negative publicity tobacco companies have received, the addition of a new alternative to the market was refreshing. Since e-cigarettes don’t produce odors or smoke, they grew wildly in popularity, allowing smokers to smoke indoors again without the fear of reprimand – at first. Now new laws and regulations are policing e-cigs as harshly as cigarettes, barring them from restaurants, bars, sporting events, and leaving smokers out in the cold – literally. What’s a smoker to do?

This question is exactly what Evan Grossman asked himself during his weekly movie date night. When restaurants, bars, campuses, stadiums, office buildings, parks and virtually all other public spaces ban e-cigarettes, what’s a smoker to do? The answer needed to be innocuous, a common, everyday item that wouldn’t draw attention, emit smoke or scents, or interfere with daily life. Something that could be used discreetly without interrupting daily activities and that does not use any raw tobacco. Something that could be used Anywhere… Anytime! The answer is so simple… A small, inconspicuous nicotine toothpick! And thus, Evan Grossman formed Pixotine Products, Inc. and the development of the revolutionary Pixotine™, the Original Nicotine Toothpick™, came to fruition.

Pixotine, the Original Nicotine Toothpick, is an incredibly innovative solution to an age-long problem. A way to get that nicotine buzz without cigarettes, smelly clothes, spit cups, fire hazards or haughty glances from passersby. It almost sounds too good to be true, but with Pixotine, fantasy is reality. The concept is quite basic: people use Pixotine nicotine toothpicks anywhere, anytime, just like they would use a normal toothpick to get that refreshing nicotine rush. At the office, at the bar, or even at an anti-smoking rally, Pixotine is discrete, odorless and virtually undetectable. Where e-cigarettes clearly mimic the patterns of smoking a conventional cigarette, Pixotine doesn’t resemble smoking at all. It’s merely an easy, fun way to enjoy all the benefits and pleasure of a cigarette without the associations, judgments and irritations.

Pixotine goes far beyond simple convenience. No more berating speeches from angry bosses after a smoke break. No more hiding a fat lip full of tobacco. No more carrying around messy spit cups. Being chastised for a desire to to use common nicotine products is simply embarrassing! Pixotine is truly the surprising solution to the problem people didn’t know could be solved. With Pixotine, satisfying nicotine cravings without leaving the desk or walking out of a child’s basketball game is easy. It’s discrete. It’s convenient to carry. Best of all, Pixotine can be used anywhere, anytime, no matter what! Pixotine is the Original Nicotine Toothpick and the best smokeless alternative to cigarettes available.

Not being able to use tobacco products in everyday places was bad enough, and now that e-cigs are facing many of the same restrictions as conventional cigarettes, Pixotine is emerging as the next big thing. Smoke free, odor free and impossibly simple, the innovative Pixotine nicotine toothpick can quickly become something nicotine users can’t live without. Anywhere… Anytime!

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Best Smokeless Cigarettes Without Nicotine Revealed by
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Q&A: What exactly nicotine free cigarettes contain?

Question by Aro: What exactly nicotine free cigarettes contain?
Are they safer than analog cigarettes? what are some good brands?

Best answer:

Answer by Nancy Bee
they arent safer, they just dont contain the nicotine which keeps u physically addicted, but the harmful cancer-causing toxic chemicals get produced when u burn leaves to create smoke and it doesnt matter if the leaves are tobacco or not, they still produce the harmful toxins.

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