eCig London "Cuts" the Ice!

eCig London "Cuts" the Ice!
On December 2nd, eCig London: Industry Conference attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience for the first time a Site Visit to a 20,000sqft e-liquid manufacturing plant based just outside Central London. Cuts Ice e-Liquid Laboratories …
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E-cig charging devices now start one fire each week
… heat up dangerously. Other fires are started when e-cigarettes are plugged into computers or DVD players to charge, the data from 43 of the 51 fire services in the UK revealed. And incompatible chargers can even cause a small explosion if the …
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Q&A: Can you vape on an electric cigarette on the London underground?

Question by Merl: Can you vape on an electric cigarette on the London underground?
Anyone know the rules on this? I know that Vaping e cigs doesn’t fall under the smoking ban and you can pretty much do it anywhere… Restaurants/pubs/clubs. Anywhere indoors. However, what about London underground and on the train itself?

Best answer:

Answer by Samurai Hoghead
It’s a non starter.

If it’s vapor you want, all ya gotta do is inhale.

And as far as electric cigarettes, I have long dreamed of finding a market place for my invention, the “electric spoon.” I thought of it on the heels of the “pet rock.” Since the 70s, actually. Patience is a virtue. The time is right.

Don’t be fooled by the others! For a few dollars extra, you can get the accessory that turns your e-spoon into a fully functional sun dial!

All you do is pay extra shipping and handling, to be determined at time of shipment.

Hurry (insert your gift giving occasion here) is only weeks away!

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