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Rick Steves: Packing the perfect European picnic
If you want to eat like a local — enjoying tasty local specialties economically — picnic. While I'm the first to admit that restaurant meals are an important aspect of any culture, in Europe I picnic almost daily. This is not solely for budgetary …
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Audi's Synthetic Fuel Is Basically Race Gas
Premium gas in Europe is only RON 98, while US pump gas is between 91-92. The regular European juice is 95 octane, and it doesn't have the high ethanol content US gas does. … Since natural gas powered Audis are a thing in Europe, they've been …
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E-Cigs May Prove To Be Just As Damaging As Tobacco
Also, according to ASH, the most popular type of electronic cigarette devices used in 2015 employ reservoirs packed with pure nicotine liquid. Misuse of this volatile fluid, known as e-juice or eLiquid, can lead to severe health problems and even death.
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Jeremiah Raber says Breaking Amish is 60 percent real, selling Amish
Breaking Amish bad boy Jeremiah Raber will be returning to TLC along with all of the other original cast members (except Sabrina) for a fourth, and reportedly last, season on May 31. The 35-year-old father of three recently sat down with Blastzone …

Liquid nicotine being sold in unregulated e-cigarette market

Liquid nicotine being sold in unregulated e-cigarette market
Health Canada has barred the sale of liquid nicotine, but it's being openly sold in the unregulated market of e-cigarettes, a CTV News investigation has found. As e-cigarettes or “vaping” gains popularity in Canada, many sellers and health officials …
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House Advances E-Cigarette Ban for Minors
Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, that extends current restrictions on tobacco products to e-cigarettes. Texas retailers are banned from selling cigarettes and other tobacco products to customers younger than 18, but the sale of e-cigarettes isn't currently …
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Johnson Creek Enterprises Expands E-Liquid Manufacturing in America
Berkey launched the Johnson Creek™ Liquid Innovations program to provide economical solutions for those who might not have the resources to do so, and for those who prefer to outsource their e-juice manufacturing. "As an industry," Berkey said, "it is …
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New standards add safety to unregulated e-cigarette market
The AFNOR standards are the first published e-cigarette and e-juice standards in the world, and provide guidelines on how products should be produced for safe consumption. While FDA regulated e-liquid ingredients from the US meet and exceed the new …
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