New study finds no health concerns in e-cig vapor

News from the American Council on Science and Health

Jeff Stier, director of the National Center’s Risk Analysis Division, points out that e-cigarettes are a “huge threat” to the traditional tobacco industry and “good news for public health.”

On “Real Money with Ali Velshi,” Stier calls e-cigarettes the “biggest boon to public health.” He said they are more successful in weaning smokers off tobacco than any government-imposed warning, tax or regulation.

Unfortunately, Stier added, “I think the public health community hasn’t really figured that out yet.” Noting that all of the e-cigarette users he knows are using them as a means of quitting altogether, he wondered why anti-tobacco activists and their supporters would be so adamantly opposed to something that is achieving their goal in a more effective manner.

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California declares electronic cigarettes a health threat

California declares electronic cigarettes a health threat
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