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Vape 'em if you got 'em: Jails sell e-cigarettes to inmates
Richard Lichten, a jail procedures consultant in Los Angeles, said "no good" can come from selling e-cigarettes to inmates. "Why would you hand someone a tool that can be made into a weapon?" Lichten said. Jail officials say the e-cigarettes they sell …
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States Dash to Regulate E-Cigarettes
Last April, the FDA issued preliminary rules that would prohibit sales to minors and require e-cig manufacturers to submit products for approval. The FDA said it expects to publish a final rule in June. Meanwhile, U.S. e-cigarette sales topped $ 2.5 …
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Will the FDA Kill Off E-Cigs?
It's not that the F.D.A. has been idle. Last year it proposed a “deeming rule” — in effect, a blueprint for a regulatory framework for e-cigarettes. But given the avalanche of public comments (more than 135,000) and the importance of getting it right …
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