Smokefree Cigarettes- Smoke Where Real Cigs Are Banned

Smokefree cigarettes are a revolution for smokers; giving a healthier, cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes and enabling them to smoke in places where real cigs are banned. The electronic cigarette consists of a battery (which looks like the long, white part of a cigarette), the atomiser (which is the middle part and contains the e cigarette cartridge) and the inhaler (which is the brown plastic mouthpiece and looks like the brown filter of a real cigarette). The electronic cigarette uses the small lithium battery to atomize the liquid nicotine solution contained in the refill cartridge.

Tobacco cigarette prices are on the rise and many feel the crunch of this recession, it’s no wonder so many smokers are turning to smokefree cigarettes. A cost-effective option for many reasons and even though many opponents are trying to discredit its effectiveness, we will look at some facts and let you the smoker form your own opinion and decide on what is cheaper. It’s seems obvious that these electronic cigarettes are a much safer and healthier solution but it may premature to make it official.

The biggest problem with quitting smoking is that you don’t want to give up your cigarettes. What you really want is to have your cake and eat it too. You want to carry on lighting up a cigarette at your usual smoking times every day and you also want to quit smoking.

So is it Possible to Do Both?

How many times have you seen advice about giving up smoking that tells you to pick a date to quit smoking and stop? The idea is that you use the lead up time to this date to mentally prepare yourself to stop smoking for good.

But as with almost everyone who’s tried to quit smoking this way, all you’re really doing in the lead up time to your quitting date is thinking about how much you’re going to miss your cigarettes. And you’re just hoping against all hope that when you wake up on your quitting day, some miraculous event will have happened while you were sleeping that magically took away your desire to smoke.

Price will also factor into what constitutes the best smokefree cigarette for you. Internet retailers usually offer much better pricing than brick and mortar stores. In some storefront shops, you may pay well over $ 100 for a basic starter kit. Given the large number of retailers online, there’s no reason that you should pay this much. Between a good deal on your starter kit and being off of regular tobacco cigarettes, you can save a lot of money while enjoying a way to smoke that doesn’t pollute the air and that won’t offend those who hate tobacco.

Once you have determined the costs and have had the chance to compare the costs of each you will see that the cost of the smokefree cigs is yet another reason to make the switch. The cost will far outweigh traditional smoking methods and can be an effective way to ensure that you are able to reduce the risks that are also associated with traditional cigarette smoking.

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Do you agree that is is Ok to smoke Electronic cigs?

Question by whitey: Do you agree that is is Ok to smoke Electronic cigs?
I am a take it or leave it smoker. I don’t smoke all the time but when I do it usually consists of marijuana and electronic cigs. I smoke e cigs because regular cigs contain harmful cancer chemicals and tar. Also I just love the way the e cig smoke blows out, its like smoking a hookah. But anyways I think that e cigs are safe and aren’t bad for you. Also don’t say marijuana is bad for you, because I don’t smoke all the time but when I do smoke marijuana i get really high. In fact I have been in public before while under the influence of THC and no body even knows.
Yea well weed also is used to treat cancer, while cigs cause cancer.

Best answer:

Answer by Michael
weed has carcinogens in it like tobbaco. the gov hasn’t done any studies on e cig safety. btw, it’s called vaping, not smoking.

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Change your smoking habit so your neighbor to thank you for giving them a cleaner air to breathe. With the amount of wrong information circulating about electronic cigarettes, it is better to be on the safe side and studiously look at the facts first before trashing anything.

While some may attribute their smoke quitting to these products, very few if any companies can claim these devices to be smoke cessation products. If anything, electronic cigarettes such as those available from, may have contributed to a healthier lifestyle to previously chain- smoking nicotine users.

Nevertheless, just to be clear, nicotine is not the main issue but the thousands of poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals introduced into the lungs of real cigarette smokers. Electronic cigarettes purchasable from remove from the atmosphere by using smoking liquids and water vapor rather than smoke to deliver nicotine.

A clear distinction between tobacco and nicotine has to be made first. This can be attested to by new electronic cigarette users who experienced better health conditions after switching from tobacco burning cigarettes. It may also be worth noting that the dramatic reduction of nicotine in reformed smoker’s lungs, such as those who used electronic cigarettes from, had a positive effect on their addictive behaviors, thereby paving the way for a smoker to quit or at least change to a healthier lifestyle.

Looking at the bigger picture, such as by reading information from Haze Cigs, you can see that electronic cigarettes may just be the biggest blow on big tobacco whose disease inducing and cancer creating smoking products has besieged our society for the longest time. Moreover, if you exercise your innovative imaginations a bit further, they can even be used to deliver medicine such as the ones used for respiratory conditions and asthma.

These are just a few of the many ideas that have to be straightened out about nicotine reduction devices such as electronic cigarettes.

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Has anyone switched to E Cigs and what was your experience and Pros and cons?

Question by MST3K: Has anyone switched to E Cigs and what was your experience and Pros and cons?
Just curious, I just bought the charger and 7 units of nicotine, what are the pros and cons of switching to E Cigs? Did you go back to regular cigs? Are you satisfied and now an E-Cig user?

Best answer:

Answer by bo
yucky..yes regular cigs

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