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Are E-Cigs a Gateway to Smoking?
WASHINGTON — Lots of questions remain about the effects that using electronic cigarettes have on adolescents, including whether they are a "gateway" drug to regular cigarettes, several speakers said Wednesday. "Do e-cigarettes cause children to …
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House lawmakers pass e-cig ban, vape shops spared
The only amendment lawmakers found agreement on was one that would exempt vape shops, stores where people buy their e-cigarette devices and flavoring, if 80 percent of revenue came from the sale of e-cigarettes and the shop does not share space with …
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Think Before You Vape: 5 Dangers of E-Cigarettes
Thanks to the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, though, more and more LGBTs are kicking the habit in favor of vaping. While this new trend may seem like the perfect alternative to inhaling red-hot carcinogens, vaping has a dark side all its own.
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Youth Orchestra, Sinfonia bring beautiful music to life
The sound of beautiful music is unmatched, and the music that the Great Falls Youth Orchestra and Sinfonia make is absolutely incredible. These two musical groups are both branches of the Great Falls Symphony, and each season they hold a concert.
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