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Image from page 150 of “The Lord’s prayer in five hundred languages, comprising the leading languages and their principal dialects throughout the world, with the places where spoken” (1905)
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Identifier: lordsprayerinfiv00rost
Title: The Lord’s prayer in five hundred languages, comprising the leading languages and their principal dialects throughout the world, with the places where spoken
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Authors: Rost, Reinhold, 1822-1896
Subjects: Polyglot texts, selections, quotations, etc Printing
Publisher: London : Gilbert & Rivington, Limited
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
medinydmcqn tavechchhdSidhyatu. Svastanam hhakshyamadydsviahhyam delii. Vayanchayathcismadaparddhindm hsliamdmahe, tathd fvamas^ndlcamapa-rddJidn hsliamasva. Asmdmscha parihshdm md naya, api tudurdtmata tiddhara. Yato rdjyam pardhramah pratdpasclia yugeyuge tavaiva. Amen. ^see over. 129 ^Th»M<U .<Tl»»wrfTUThwTtlK^IhTmillK,;;*i4iry>*uysy^ »Mi>^m>*yi ■ *y SANSKRIT.(Ben8:an character.) (Malayalim character.) QoJI fmQOJirJO OAilLU^^. C/9^0Q^nOc f5d&:^CiajOOr^^o 6^/3Cirr^9d85Qo_lfD0CU0fY6 d&B^^ClCYV)^. <^5^^^°^ o_jr51cfe^0o ClO moD^ (S^{i_n ^ Gfoormrw 6)^ajo.D. QaJ6)r?no roo^o o_ifDD^^Cig (Oriya character.) ae<l ^Gq Q2ji GfiSfi^^iJia c^gq^I ^^dne;) i c]^^^ q.aMflQHigqno qq^ | d^ c(^ <n -» b) aGq CIGq QGQQ I e||G?1S) 11 (Telugu character.) F 130 -frrk:A»t-^MTh™i% i4h-«rtTkirhT.;^TiT^^ |nrC<Th—T»irMTht-«Tt-< W«ittVj»™ nT IN FIVE HUNDRED LANGUAGES.

Text Appearing After Image:
SANTALI. E ALERBN Babo, .scrmarc menami:, ama nutuni dliuronio tanima. Ania rajhojutamma; amamone cefleka sermare, otreho onka bare hoyo tamnia.De okako joma jarurtalea, ona do tehin emalem. Ar aide kaiakata doikakatalem, cetlcka alea kaiakatkole ikakakokana. Ar bidao se: te alomayurlea, menkhan barid: khon bancaolem; Cedaje raj, ar aidari, arsabasi jaijiig aniagi. Amin. 1 I1 SANTO. {Santo Bay, New Hebrides) Tamamajiu me na tailahi, Motahonae ua liisemu itapu. Motahonaeiiiiho Na Moli hi ra tajua vunuvunu. Motahonae va tajua vunuvuiuime na ulu tive ra sanu iniho oaso, palaira me na tailahi tevera.Motahonae oirahu na hamamu hi na havui ta moamamu. Motahonaena lolomu imalumu i amamu suri ra pilamamu vei vasoosoo, palalolomamu temalumu ra tuamamu suri ra pilara vei vasoosoo. Mota-honae oisalaviamamu me na vei tapusiamamu; oilavi liliu i amamuture na vei vasoosoo. SARDINIAN. Pare nostru, qui istas in sos Quelos, siat sanctificadu su Nomenteu. Vengat a nois su Regnu teu; fasase savoluntat t

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