E cig – the Best Cigarette in the World

An E cig also known as Electronic Cigarette and is a battery operated smoking device which simulates the feel of smoking without any side effects. It does not produce any smoke it can be used anywhere by the smokers in public places. E cig reviews tells that it is a best way for a smoker to quit smoking as it can be legally used. It does not contain any harmful substances that affect the health of the users and the people around the users. It is mainly made up of three components: the cartridge, the battery and the atomizer. The cartridge is also known as mouthpiece and it contains the liquid nicotine that is been vaporized. It is the disposable part of an E cig. The atomizer has a heating element which vaporizes the nicotine into mist to be inhaled. The battery gives power to the entire device. Moreover nowadays an E cig is designed in such a way that its each component can be replaced.

Health effects of E cig or Electronic Cigarette:

The health effects of E cig are not known it is still under research. Manufacturers claim that Electronic Cigarettes are safer when compared to ordinary smoking because it does not produce the harmful toxic products that usually formed in traditional cigarettes. Even though it is safer the leading manufacturers provide warning label along with their products because it contains liquid nicotine. An Electronic Cigarette will help smokers to quit smoking. In one of the leading agencies E cig containing nicotine has been classified as medicinal product. Hence proper authorization is needed for any products to be marketed and sold.

Who should use E cig or Electronic Cigarettes?

The E cig reviews promotes the use of electronic cigarettes by the persons only who wants to quit smoking, and those who wish to live a life without any side effects and those who live in no smoking area but have the habit of smoking. E cig is considered as a safe smoking device. You can also enjoy smoking with your friends any were in public places. The best practice of using an Electronic Cigarette is that you can take in small amount of dosage than the normal one, so that you can avoid injecting more nicotine till the newness has worn off. It should not be used by children.

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