Can you put THC oil in the Smoking Everywhere e-cigarettes?

Question by Meredith O: Can you put THC oil in the Smoking Everywhere e-cigarettes?
I have a medical condition and my doctor recommended medicinal marijuana. I was just wondering if I would be able to get the THC through an e-cigarette, as it would be more convenient than regular vaporizers and healthier than smoking it. Serious answers please, I really do need to use it to live a regular life.

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Answer by peetr
you may be the first person to try it, the e-cig is pretty new.
There is a vaporizer called the i-inhale or iolite . It is pretty easy to use and hide. I am assuming that’s what you’re after. Oil could be used if you added it to a little herbal material. I found that the iolite had an unpleasant plasticy smell though and it looks like I might break it if I’m not careful . Read the review below.
A regular vaporizer such as the original Vapor Brothers Vaporizer would be better for you at home or in the car with a power adapter. I’ve found the knockoffs and other vaporizers are not as reliable and some have obnoxious odors.

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