what happens when lying about age buying electronic cigarettes?

Question by FuckYouRicky: what happens when lying about age buying electronic cigarettes?
i wanna buy non nicotine blu cigs but I’m under 18

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Answer by Needful Sinner
Am I the only one who laughs when they hear ‘electronic cigarettes’?
I mean what, we’re so lazy as a society inhaling is a hassle…

I find the whole concept incredibly freekin funny.

And if you lie and get caught – no smokes
Lie and get away with it – smokes.
That’s what happens – best of luck.

And be careful smoking in the rain, wouldn’t wanna get electrocuted nevermind cancer.
Don’t get me wrong, I am a smoker… I just do it the old fashioned way.
Manually, batteries not required.

ps – don’t go to big stores… try some little corner store thats not busy, you’ll have better luck :)

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  1. Robert S says

    I doubt anything will happen honestly BUT why the BLU? It’s not only expensive but it’s kind of …silly looking. Take a look at the safecig micro instead. It’s 1/3 the price, has cooler flavors and just has more options. They are on sale right now.

    I quit fully using an e-cig (I use a greensmoke now) so if that’s the goal, you might want a bigger unit. The “micro” like BLU dies pretty dang fast.