Q&A: Smoking + birth control?

Question by FallenAngelxx: Smoking + birth control?
I’m a freshmen in highschool and I take birth control to regulate my period. I also smoke hookah pens, which are electronic cigarettes and is water vapor. The hookah pen I smoke has nicotine in it, does that affect the pill in any way? I read that you’re not suppose to smoke while on the pill but the hookah pen is just water vapor? Does that count? Or does it only apply to cigs which have all the harmful chemicals in it? Please don’t tell me to I’m too young to be doing this stuff or anything like that… thank you for your help!(:

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Answer by Erika Yelenosky
Smoking doesn't affect your BC.

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  1. Lava says

    They say don’t smoke on the pill since it increases your chances of stroke and heart attack by a good deal. That’s a risk of birth control in the first place. Seems like the risks are still there, possibly lessened because you’re not breathing in all the carbon monoxide and the thousand other various poisons. But nicotine is a stimulant, thus hard on the heart and circulatory system, so obviously would increase the risks of hormonal birth control.

    Not water vapor. Glycerin and propylene glycol vapor, which carries nicotine and food flavorings with it. It doesn’t taste like water, does it? So not just water obviously, water doesn’t make puffy smoke like clouds. If you’re not aware of the ingredients I question the wisdom of you using it, especially since you’re too young to legally use nicotine anyways.