Refilling Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

The cartridge or the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette is a small plastic cup. The cartridge is usually attached to the end of the cigarette tube. The electronic cigarette cartridges are at times made of stainless steels as well. These cartridges can be refilled or replaced with the pre-filled cartridges when the vapor ends. Some of the cartridges are also replaceable which have the heating element and the nicotine cartridge in one.


If you are choosing the option of puffing electronic cigarettes only, then refilling the electronic cartridges can be a better option. You can refill the electronic cigarette cartridges with e-liquids rather than throwing it away. This way you will be able to save a good amount of money every time. To refill the electronic cigarette cartridges you can buy e-liquids or you can create your own e-liquid to enjoy a flavored smoke.


The process of refilling an electronic cigarette cartridge:


The best way to refill electronic cartridge is to refill it through a syringe. Using a syringe also decreases the chance of getting e-liquid all over. The refilling can be done with syringes that are used to refill the ink cartridges of the printer.

Read along the article to know about the process of refilling SBWire (press release) through a syringe

· Choose a place which is away from the reach of your children. It would decrease the level of danger caused by nicotine.

· Check the filler of the electronic cigarette cartridge before starting the refilling. Many of the cartridge fillers have two piece designs like an inner and an outer piece. In this case you need to use a paper clip inside the filler to push the inside piece of the cartridge until it comes out.

· Remove the liquid from the bottle using the syringe. Then put in the needle of the syringe till the bottom part of your cigarette cartridge.

· Depress the plunger slowly. Check the cartridge while filling and make sure it doesn’t overflow.

· Once your SBWire (press release) cartridge is full, install the electronic cigarette and cap the bottle of e-liquid for later use. Flush the syringe properly and wash it well using fresh water.


The electronic cigarette cartridges are available in various flavors like original tobacco, naughty cherry, strawberry surprise, and fresh vanilla, rich coffee, Rich M and many more. You can thus fill your electronic cigarette cartridge with the flavor you like and keep changing every time you get bored.



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All that comes out of the E Cigarette is vapor that quickly disappears.

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