Where in Tacoma or Puyallup Washington can I find stores tha sell electronic cigarettes?

Question by Pam P: Where in Tacoma or Puyallup Washington can I find stores tha sell electronic cigarettes?
E cigarettes are sold on-line but I wanted to check them out at a retail store before spending so much money. Is there any stores that offer smokeless e cigarettes in my Tacoma/Puyallup area?

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Answer by FarmGirl13
i have seen them at almost every smoke shop. they also have nicotene lotion now for if you are flying or at the office just rub it on and the nicotene soaks in. also seen them at the mall. Just call your local smoke shops I am in woodinville and all the smoke shops here have them

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  1. Timothy says

    Here in Florida I went to 4 flea markets one day. 3 of them had booths selling e cigarettes. One guy had some selection, one guy had almost nothing, one guy didn’t even know what they were, even though they were sitting in his case. I was just looking for a spare battery. I had been using my e cig for about a week and knew more than 2 of the guys. I did get to see some other brands. Made me glad I chose the one I did. I have said it before and I will say it again… call me lazy, but Green Smoke’s 2 piece system is the only way I want to e-smoke. So much easier.

    I am guessing a smoke shop might be another place to look. Probably have to make some calls or drive around to find out.

    From what I saw, if you do find a place, selection was very limited. Each place only had one brand. And none of them were the brand I wanted. You might want to order online, then find a local place to buy things like spare USB chargers, batteries, cases, etc.

  2. Paco says

    Im not sure if it is still there, but theres a small smokeless cigarette booth in the Tacoma Mall.

    If thats not it You could probably find one at a cigarette outlet.