what kind health problems can synthetic cigarettes give you?

Question by Bob B: what kind health problems can synthetic cigarettes give you?
i was looking at synthetic cigarettes and i wanted to know what kinda health problems that they can give you there also called electric cigarettes

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Answer by James
No one really knows yet, they haven’t been around long enough. Studies I’ve seen say they are 100-1,000 times better for you then regular cigarettes. But there isn’t medical evidence that they are 100% healthy for you.

In theory they aren’t unhealthy. We know there is no tar in them to guck up your lungs and there is no second hand smoke.

The common ingredients used at least here in the states is PG (Propylene Glyco), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), food grade flavorings and nicotine. We consume PG & VG on a regular basis, they are found in thousands of products. The only harmful substance is the nicotine (which other then being addictive studies have shown it is no worse for you then caffeine).

You essentially could get too much nicotine if you don’t buy the right strength for you or you puff on it like crazy. You would get light headed or dizzy maybe nauseous (same as if you chain smoked regular cigarettes). By using the product as directed you shouldn’t have any issues with that. And of course keep it away from your children and pets, as it could be hazardous for them. I read somewhere and I don’t know if it is true that nicotine is only really deadly around the 60+ mg level. Most e liquids are sold in much lower levels.

One of the concerns I’ve seen thrown out there is that it is harmful to inhale those things into your lungs. But my opinion is it can’t be any worse then the 4,000 chemicals I was inhaling in cigarettes. But again, we aren’t going to know the long term affects for many years.

The FDA has said that diethylene glycol found in antifreeze is also found in ecigs. First not ALL brands use Diethylene glycol. Second it is only toxic when ingested in LARGE quantities (like drinking it straight). The way they put that out there is misleading. The link I provided below has a really good article about Diethylene Glycol.

Each supplier puts different ingredients in their carts/refill liquid. If you are concerned ask the supplier whats in it. I know my supplier has the ingredients right on their website.

Or you could always ask your doctor :)

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