Is there a age limit to buy electric cigarettes?

Question by james s: Is there a age limit to buy electric cigarettes?
Is there a age limit to buy electric cigarettes? since it does not contain tobacco, there is a stand in my mall that sells them and i haven’t had the chance to talk to them because i was in a hurry somewhere. and how does this work?

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Answer by Angela
i have never even heard of them

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  1. Crap Face says


    But unless you’re addicted to real cigarrettes, why would you want them?

  2. L says

    Sorry to ask a question within a question


    Whats an electric cigarette? and what does it do

  3. Blessings of Victory says

    yes. the reason why cigarettes have age limits is not because of the tobacco but because of the nicotine.

  4. jazz says

    and its to help you
    its gona taste like tabaco but it will not be REAL tababco so thats the part its trying to help you out on

  5. ♥ Lexi ♥ says

    ummmm, why would anyone smoke anyway? It’s bad for you, can KILL you, and it’s just for looks, and if ANYONE has ANY self pride, they won’t care what other people think! Really! What kind of person does that make you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? I think you know…

  6. Dark Soul says friggin kids any your deisre to put stuff in your mouth that looks like a cigarette is dumbfounding….If you have to put something in your mouth, what’s wrong with a friggin lollypop?

  7. fallenlitttleangel says

    Most likely because they contain nicotine. The electric cigarettes are to help you get out of addiction though. Not a toy. If you have a Hippie Hut they have toy cigarettes that look real and puff out smoke.

  8. jkuroneko says

    Huh… I had no idea such a thing existed until this question…

    Those look kinda lame… But it’s funny how companies worked their way around the ban so quickly. XD

    If all that’s in it is nicotine, then there’s no reason to have an age restriction.