Is it possible to fill an electronic cigarette cartige with straight water?

Question by Will: Is it possible to fill an electronic cigarette cartige with straight water?
I just want to smoke the water vapor and not have to deal with the nicotine. And if your just smoking water vapor its harmless right?

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Answer by Barry Hong
I not very sure for this, but it shall be no smell and taste. Why not try e-liquid without nicotine?

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All that comes out of the E Cigarette is vapor that quickly disappears.

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  1. Sean says

    Water wont work, I use e cigs and out of curiosity put water in it but it did nothing and created no vapor, You could get virgin PG from a e cig supplier which is the base liquid for e cigs, Just look for some that has no nicotine or flavor.

  2. joe r says

    what would really be the point? wanna look like the cool kids by smoking…. water?

    if you do not smoke, there is no reason to do this…

    if you do smoke… or are trying to quit, what would this do for you? might as well just suck on a straw…

  3. Andrea Reviews says

    There are so many different brands of electronic cigarettes out there and most of the electronic cigarette suppliers offer a version with no nicotine in the cartridges. I highly recommend checking out this review before deciding on a brand. If you have never tried an electronic cigarette before you want to make sure that you are not turned off by the product because of a bad purchase experience.

    All the different brands are listed right there in the review, with videos, and best of all… listings of where to get all of the most recent discount codes for when you do chose one.

    That’s just one collective review for the best brands, the site itself has an indepth review for each individual brand listed in the “best e-cig review”, just type e cigarette or ecig into the search bar at the top to get a full list of all of the reviews on electronic cigarettes.