Can electronic cigarettes hurt your baby during pregnancy?

Question by Crystal S: Can electronic cigarettes hurt your baby during pregnancy?
Well I have been a smoker for at least 3 years now and I’ve been in and out if trying to quit. My boyfriend and I have recently gotten an E-cigarette. Its much better for me, no toxins and I still get my nicotine fill. Now I think I’m about 2 weeks pregnant, So although this E-cigarette helps to prevent all the chemicals and toxins from going into my lungs and 2nd hand smoke, Does it make it possible to be pregnant and still smoke during, or would the nicotine harm my baby?

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Answer by Roxi
Thats actually a really question! I am a smoker, (unless the test is positive tomorrow) and that would be a good alternitive (depending of course)

Sorry i really didnt answer your question. Since their so new you could email the company?

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