Q&A: Replacement batteries for green smokes e cigarette?

Question by garrisonjj: Replacement batteries for green smokes e cigarette?
I bought the green smoke e cigarette. It came with 2 “cigarette like” batteries. They wear down quickly.
Does anyone sell replacement batteries that would fit green smoke cartridges? They want 49 dollars for one on their site.
Also, do you think e smoking is safe? Thanks

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Answer by Lisa
Do I think e-cigs are “safe”? Well, I don’t know for sure that they are BUT compared to tobacco cigs, I know they are safER. If I am going to smoke at all, e-cigs are the safer choice for me. Just look at the ingredients of both to compare. It’s pretty much a no brainer. LOL

Green Smoke batts are REALLY expensive, especially when compared to the 3 piece e-cigs like the DSE 901 or Joye 510 two of the really popular ones. Those batts are between $ 8 – $ 15 dollars each depending on where you buy them. IF I were to try a Green Smoke Cig I would try Nhaler.com, Drew has a great reputation, awesome e-liquids, and always sends free stuff with your order. His shipping is a little high, but from everything I’ve heard about his stuff, it’s worth it.
You could check out other vendors, there’s a lot of them that you can check out on e-cigarette-forum.com, you might even look to see if another model’s battery is compatible with your cartomizer. Interchangeable parts are good. =) They have tons of info and lots of people willing to help. It’s a HUGE forum, if smaller is better for you; try vapersforum.com – Drew hangs out at both and has an Nhaler sub-forum on both sites.

Good luck and Happy Vaping

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  1. R M says

    You can purchase information on how to revive any small battery for $ 99 if you are a DIY-er.

    Any small battery, not just the ones you’ve asked about.